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The Rotary Kiln Tyre and Lubrication Instruction

Due to the difference of the thermal expansion and rigidity between the kiln body and the tyre, the inner diameter of the tyre is designed  larger than the outer diameter of the kiln body (the

seat pad included). Thus, the malposition phenomenon produced by the rotation of kiln body (seat pad) and the tyre is called "rolling displacement". The normal rolling displacement range is within

the diameter difference between the kiln body (seat pad) and the tyre and they occur by certain proportion. If the lubrication between the tyre and the kiln body (seat pad) is faulty, the rolling

displacement will be abnormal. The contact surface will appear seizure or slipping phenomenon which will lead to the abnormal friction between the seat pad and the tyre, and the Rotary Kiln body

trembles when in rotation. Thus the fireproofing tile in the Rotary Kiln breaks up and comes off. The unexpected kin stop and maintenance lost appears.

Recently, the advanced dealing method is by the forcing oil pump (portable type most of the time, operated by manual labour).

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